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ADI Instructor Training with ECOSAFE Driving School

ECOSAFE Driving School prides itself in the high quality coaching tuition that it provides to Driving Instructors. Our patient and friendly instructors’ aims are to make your learning enjoyable and fun. This innovative way of teaching is far more beneficial to all students and doesn’t just teach you to pass your tests but also equips you with the knowledge in coaching ‘Safe Driving for Life’.

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Instructional Ability Test
(Part 3)

The object of this test is to assess the quality of your instruction and your ability to pass your knowledge on to pupils. The test is in two parts, each of which lasts about half an hour. You must pass both parts on the same test.
You will be asked to demonstrate your knowledge and ability by giving practical driving instruction to the examiner who will first take on the role of a pupil who is a beginner or a learner driver with limited driving knowledge, and then a pupil who is about test standard. The examiner will explain everything to you at the time.

‘Pre-Set Tests’
The exam takes the format of pre-set tests (PST’s) there are 10 of these PST’s that pair a Phase - 1 topic with a phase – 2 topic. When you attend the test centre the examiner will have chosen one of the PST’s for you to present. These pairings do not change and are listed below.

Topics Topics
Controls Crossroads
Moving Off / Stopping Meet /Cross/Overtake/Adequate Clearance and Anticipation
Turn in the Road Junctions Left/Right
Reverse Left/Right T. Junctions (Emerging)
Controlled Stop/Mirrors Progress / Hesitancy & Position
Pedestrian Crossings / Use of Signals Reverse Parking
Junctions Left/Right Pedestrian Crossings / Use of Signals
T. Junctions (Emerging) Meet/Cross/Overtake/ Adequate Clearance and Anticipation
Crossroads Pedestrian Crossings / Use of Signals
Meet/Cross/Overtake/Adequate/Clearance and Anticipation Progress/Hesitancy & Position

The test lasts approximately 60 minutes (30mins for each phase). As you deliver the lessons, in both phases, taken from the above list, your use of the ‘Range of Skills’ will be judged and graded on a scale of 1 – 6. Each phase is marked individually.

You need to achieve a grade 4 or above on both phases to be successful.
The instruction you give should be tailored to the time available and to the standard of the pupil being role-played by the examiner. You will probably find it helpful to establish the depth of the pupil’s knowledge in each phase, by asking questions and observing the pupil's performance as you would with a real pupil you had not taught before.

What is Assessed

The method, clarity, adequacy and correctness of instruction given
The observation, analysis and correction of faults committed by the pupil
Your general manner
You will be expected to maintain control of the lesson, be patient and tactful and give encouragement to the ‘pupil’ at all times. What is assessed is the relevance of the instruction for the ability of the pupil and to the particular conditions on the road on the day of the test.

‘Range of Skills’
This section is designed to help you understand that there are three main components to the role of a driving instructor. Each component can be broken down into sub headings as follows:

Core Competencies (the ability to deal with faults)
Fault Identification
Fault Analysis
Remedial Action

Instructional Techniques
Level of Instruction
Control of Lesson
Q/A Techniques
Instructor Use Of Controls

Instructor Characteristics
Attitude and Approach to the pupil

You need to understand each one, as these are the elements a good Driving Instructor uses when teaching. You will be tested on these ‘Range of Skills’ during your part 3 test and subsequent check tests.

(End of Part 3)

Trainee Licenses Franchises Available

Once you have passed your Driving Ability Test and completed your 40hrs Instructional Training you can apply to the DSA for a ‘Trainee License’.

ECOSAFE can offer you a franchise to suit your requirements and provide the 20 hours additional training as specified by the DSA.

Check Test Training

ECOSAFE offers check test training to all ADI’s wishing to achieve or maintain a high standard.

Cardington Special Driving Test

ECOSAFE offers professional coaching to all ADI’s wishing to undertake ‘Continued Professional Development’ (CPD).

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