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New Leaners with ECOSAFE Driving School

ECOSAFE Driving School prides itself in the high quality coaching tuition that it provides to learner drivers. Our patient and friendly instructors’ aims are to make your learning enjoyable and fun. This innovative way of teaching is far more beneficial to all students and doesn’t just teach you to pass your driving test but equips you with the knowledge of ‘Safe Driving for Life’.


Intensive Driving Course

Intensive driving courses are available on request. An Assessment drive is advisable before deciding which of the following options is best suited to you.

This intensive driving course is suitable for those who have recently failed a driving test or for people who are nearing test standard. This course is normally spread over 3 or 4 days prior to the test.

The 20-hour intensive driving course is recommended for people who have had some experience of driving and have mastered the basic skills required, but just need to polish up their manoeuvres and general driving.


This intensive driving course is recommended for confident people who know the basics and who have very little driving experience. It covers mainly people in the age group from 17 to 23.


This intensive driving course is structured to cover the whole DSA syllabus within one or two weeks. It is intended for the complete novice; most people will achieve a high standard of driving and will normally be ready for their PRACTICAL driving test after completing this course.


The question of how many driving lessons you need, depends on your motivation and natural ability, as well as whether you can receive any private practice from a friend or member of the family. Therefore, the above mentioned number of hours is only a guide.
Rest assured however that ECOSAFE will provide you with such good quality driving instruction that it will help you progress as quickly and as safely as possible through the intensive driving course of your choice.
We, at ECOSAFE, recommend the best way to learn is 1.5 to 4 hours of instruction per week. This has proved to be the most successful way for pupils to learn and has led to the highest pass rates.

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